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Lexical-Political Research Group on Space and Place

The lexical-political research group on space and place, based in Tel Aviv University, is part of the "Political Lexicon" project  - The group consists of scholars from various fields, such as geography, architecture, philosophy, arts and more. It aims to develop a critical and creative discussion of the concepts used in the current political discourse and to create an open political lexicon that will examine the foundational concepts of national and neo-liberal political thought and that will expand the horizons of political discussion from a various spatial dimensions. Selected works are published in the online bilingual (Hebrew-English)  journal "Mafteakh" ...

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3rd Annual Diversity in Place Film Festival & Conference

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES    Cosmopolitanism as a mode of practice and competence involves the ability of individuals to navigate different cultures and their respective systems of meanings. Yet rarely is the role that place plays explicitly considered as being crucial for the emergence of this mode of practice and competence to occur, develop and be nurtured.  Hence, though cosmopolitanism does not happen in a vacuum, it is usually abstracted from everyday life and usually associated with elite traveling across several borders.   Alternatively, this year call intends to solicit films that look at very localized forms of cosmopolitanism and ...

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Movement & Communication

With the proliferation of means of movement and communication, and with the lure of always being elsewhere, we are continuously torn from the here and now. Hop on an intercity or commuter train, pick up a telephone — in order to be already gone. Such mobility only ever means uprootedness, isolation, exile. It would be insufferable if it weren’t always the mobility of a private space, of a portable interior. The private bubble doesn’t burst, it floats around. The process of cocooning is not going away, it is merely being put into motion. From a train station, to an office ...

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Of Places and Landscape

by JorgeDGoldfarb

Date published: Feb. 9, 2011

 [ What follows is a sort of outline of my Essay on Places and Landscape.The full versionn (as google doc.) may be read at: THIS LINK   ] Jeff Malpas writes in his book Place and Experience: "only through an exploration of the notion ...

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aural representations of space - Asylum Tone in B

by ErrolHTout

Date published: Dec. 14, 2010

Asylum Tone in B by ErrolHTout I have created a number of sound pieces that come from my PhD. The PhD looked at sound being a carrier of ...

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A Way of Seeing People and Place: Phenomenology and Environment-Behavior Research

by Seamon

Date published: Nov. 3, 2010

David Seamon Abstract This review examines the phenomenological approach as it might be used to explore environmental and architectural issues. After discussing the nature of phenomenology in broad terms, the review presents two major assumptions of the phenomenological approach: (1) that people ...

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